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Thanks"giving": The Greater Washington (DC) APRI Youth Department

  • Jan 26, 2007
    Posted by Joshua Jones

    During the 2006 holidays, the Youth Department of the Greater
    Washington Chapter took on the project of providing 4 Thanksgiving Day
    baskets to local familes. The youth department, who participate fully
    in chapter act ivies, received monetary donations and all food was donated by
    the chapter members. Union familes of ATU Local 689, IBEW Local
    26 and IBEW Local 1900 in the Prince George's Area where then presented with the

    The Greater Washington (DC) APRI Youth Department: Ashley Shelton, Shenine
    Shelton, Patrice McMillan, Lyna DelVillar, Bria DelVillar, Jocelyn Hanley.

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