Financial Education Makes You Stronger

Financial Education Makes You Stronger

May 9, 2014
Posted by Janice Temple

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The A. Philip Randolph Institute & Master Your Card
provide financial education that elevates the lives of young adults and

Working together, we offer greater financial literacy and security to
young adults and senior citizens by teaching them how and when to use modern
electronic payment technology to their advantage.

Click here to
view the toolkit and resources.

  • APRI Activist Brother Clifton Savoy Appointed To Calvert County Property Tax Assessment Appeal Board & Compensation Review Board

    Aug 15, 2013
    Posted by Joshua Jones

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    The A. Philip Randolph Institute would like to congratulate APRI Activist
    Brother Clifton Savoy who was just appointed to a five (5) year term as member
    of the Calvert County Property Tax Assessment Appeal Board and Calvert County
    Compensation Review Board.
  • Supreme Court Strikes Down Key Part of Voting Rights Act

    Jun 25, 2013
    Posted by Joshua Jones

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    Dear APRI Leadership:

    The Supreme Court Tuesday struck down a
    key part of the Voting Rights Act, ruling unconstitutional a provision of the
    landmark civil rights legislation used to promote the political power of
    minority voters across large swaths of the southern United States for nearly
    four decades. In a 5-4 ruling that split the court along ideological
    lines, the court freed some or all of 15 states from the requirement that all
    changes to voting laws, procedures and even polling place locations get advance
    approval from the Justice Department or a panel of federal judges. The
    court's conservative majority said when Congress reauthorized the law in 2006 it
    did not have sufficient basis to re-adopt the formula set decades

    Please go to the link for the complete
    article. 2013/06/supreme-court-voting- rights-act-ruling-93324.html

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  • 2012 AT&T Sustainability Report

    Jun 25, 2013
    Posted by Joshua Jones

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    Dear APRI Leaders: I am pleased to share with you the AT&T
    2012 Sustainability Report. Here is a link to the highlights of the
    report: At
    AT&T, sustainability is deeply engrained in the fabric of they do, both in
    the company and throughout the communities where their customers live, work and
    serve. Their 2012 Sustainability Report is a testament to that
    focus. The sustainability report highlights the diverse impacts of
    sustainability across the company and in communities. The report is shaped by
    personal narratives from employees and video testimonials from organizations who
    share AT&T’s passion for improving communities. APRI is encouraged by
    AT&Ts progress in 2012 and look forward to our continue partnership to
    improving our world and empowering our communities. In
    Unity, Clayola Brown, President
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  • APRI Louisville Chapter: 30th Annual Banquet

    Apr 17, 2013
    Posted by Joshua Jones

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  • Letter to the Editor: Making room at the banquet table

    Apr 16, 2013
    Posted by Joshua Jones

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    The caption for a photo that appeared with the April 7 Metro article “ Activists
    riding a fresh wave of optimism ahead of immigration rally ” identified a
    worker cleaning “a statue at Union Station.” But what a statue!
    It’s of A. Philip Randolph , the organizer
    of the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters, prime mover behind the original
    March on Washington, longtime spokesman for the rights of African American
    workers and author of the famous line, “At the banquet table of nature, there
    are no reserved seats. You get what you can take, and you keep what you can
    hold. If you can’t take anything, you won’t get anything, and if you can’t hold
    anything, you won’t keep anything. And you can’t take anything without
    How gratified he would be by this movement and the mobilization of
    individuals intent on securing a path to U.S. citizenship.
     Kathleen McKirchy, Washington
    The writer is executive director of the community services agency of the
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  • Deficits, Deceit, and the Body Politic

    Dec 12, 2012
    Posted by Joshua Jones

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    December 07, 2012 | BY NORMAN AND VELMA HILL

    SOCIAL SECURITY, Medicare, and Medicaid are the foundations for the well-being
    of scores of millions of middle- and low-income Americans. Without Social
    Security, 14 million more low-income Americans would be living in poverty.
    Because of Medicare, 33 million older people live longer, have access to quality
    care, and are not driven into poverty by rapidly rising health-care costs.
    Medicaid is a health-care boon to Americans not yet eligible for Medicare, which
    covers some 60 million Americans. Because of historical and lingering
    discrimination, racial minorities in particular need these programs. Overall,
    they have less income and fewer assets than whites, so a higher percentage of
    their retirement income comes from Social Security benefits. Also, because they
    more often have physically demanding jobs, they rely more on Social Security
    disability and require more health care after retirement. If there were no such
    support, the
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  • FCC Should Continue to Encourage Broadband Investment

    Nov 7, 2012
    Posted by Joshua Jones

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    One of the most effective ways to create good jobs at good wages in the coming
    years will be encouraging adoption of high-speed broadband Internet in every
    American community. Broadband has become as necessary to economic growth in the
    21stcentury as electricity and telephone lines were in the 20th
    century. That’s why it is troubling that Julius Genachowski, chairman of
    the Federal Communications Commission, may be backing away from his support for
    so-called tiered pricing, a policy that encourages Internet Service Providers
    (ISPs) to invest the $350 billion in network upgrades the FCC itself says is
    needed to deliver high-quality broadband to all of America -- while keeping the
    cost of broadband low for working families. In 2010, the FCC said that
    ISPs could charge more to the heaviest users of their network, those in the
    upper tier of bandwidth usage. The idea was that those who used the most
    bandwidth should pay extra to maintain and upgrade the network – otherwise, the
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  • ATU 56th Convention - APRI President Clayola Brown

    Jun 7, 2012
    Posted by Joshua Jones

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  • APRI Seattle: Young Adult Chapter - 2012 Rock The Vote Competition

    May 7, 2012
    Posted by Joshua Jones

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    The Seattle Chapter of APRI Young Adults is putting the
    challenge out to APRI Chapters, NAACP Branches, Churches and High Schools in
    to join us in a voter registration competition. Young Adults participating in
    your programs can join in the competition to win awards and financial
    scholarships.   Don’t miss this
    opportunity to get your youth involved in this civic activist program even if
    they are not old enough to vote in the 2012 elections.   Awards will be given to the Top Three youth
    who you have certified have registered the most voters in your participating
    church, school or organization.  
    registrations must be turned into the head of the sponsoring program or a point
    person designated by the participating program within 24 hours of being signed
    and arranged to be picked up or turned into a program volunteer with in
    48hrs.   The winner of the awards will
    be announced in
    October 2012. Download Flyer
    Here: APRI Seattle:
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  • Sister Mary Montford Nominatied as Semifinalists for the 2012 Spectacular Magazine Women of the Year Award

    Mar 10, 2012
    Posted by Joshua Jones

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    Dear APRI National Board &
    Our Sister, Mary Montford , President, APRI North Carolina State, has been
    selected as one of six semifinalists for the 2012 Spectacular Magazine
    Women of the Year Award in the Community Service category.
    Sister Montford was selected—not only based on her
    nomination, but because of her background, accomplishments and the criteria set
    forth for the Community Service category.
    Spectacular Magazine will honor the achievements of these
    African American women and other women who have made a difference in the African
    American community with the Spectacular Magazine Women of the Year Awards
    at a black tie gala on April 13, 2012.
    The public will have the opportunity to vote on-line ( ) for their choice of the
    finalists to be the recipient of the Spectacular Magazine Women of the
    Year Award in several categories. We want Sister Montford to win in the Community
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