Labor Coalition for Community Action (LCCA) Statement on the Shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin

lccaLabor Coalition for Community Action (LCCA) Statement on the Shooting of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin

Friday, March 23, 2012

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  • A.
    Philip Randolph Institute
  • Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance
  • Coalition of Black Trade Unionists
  • Coalition of Labor Union Women
  • Labor Coalition for
    Latin American Advancement
  • Pride at

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The murder of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida touched so many hearts because he was
down in the
midst of a
simple, every day
experience.  Walking from the
store.  Buying
skittles and iced tea.  He was a victim of the irreparable damage wreaked from fear incited by his
mere presence, his mere appearance - also part of the everyday experience,
particularly for black men.

Trayvon was someone's son, 17 years old and unarmed, taken violently and too young from our world because of still-pervasive visceral reactions to skin color in America.

When devastating tragedies like the
murder of Trayvon
happen, when violent anti-LGBT assaults and murders occur, when immigrant women face sexual abuse and
brutal working conditions -
these are moments in time when
our society is measured on the devastating
consequences of not doing enough to speak up and speak out.

When those
who raise a
constant drumbeat of anger, hatred,
distrust and fear
are not challenged, we all suffer.

There is no
action we can
take that will
bring Trayvon back
to his family and replace the
hole that will
always remain in
their lives.  Every
person in this
country must take
a moment to
feel that reality.

One of
the most sacred principles of the
labor movement is
our motto, "an
injury to one
is an injury to all."  We
issue this statement today in that
spirit.  We are grateful for the solidarity of our
sisters and brothers who are Latino and black trade
unionists, who are
Asian Pacific American and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
transgender workers, who are women and immigrant workers, and
our straight allies
and white and
American union brothers and sisters who
join us in
speaking out against injustice.

An injury to one
is an injury
to all, and
today we are
all Trayvon Martin, we are all
his parents, we are all his
family.  We
grieve with the
family and add
our prayers.  We add our
voices to the
call that out
of this tragedy, we must ensure
just action in
this case and
must all invest more tirelessly in
the work needed
to make America the country we
all believe in:
a safe, fair,
loving and just
country with equal
opportunity for all.

The constituency groups within LCCA
represent the diverse communities
within the labor
movement, striving to
both raise those
voices and to
mobilize together for
a stronger movement for
all working people.

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